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Pride Month Nature by MagmaAquariusWolf Pride Month Nature :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 2 0
TPoT SS: Hero Encounters Entity 303
   Hero suddenly found himself in a strange dimension. The sky was an ominous red with pitch black clouds. He was sitting on ground that was made of bedrock, and the void fog effect, usually found at the bottom of the Overworld and the Nether, was more intense. Hero could still see the outlines of rolling hills through the fog. The entire dimension was dead silent. Even the wind was silent when it would blow.
   Where's the Spirit of Herobrine? He's usually in my dreams… Hero wondered. Where am I, and how did I get here, anyways? I thought that I was just outside the boundaries of the Accursed Swamp-
   You are in my domain, Lucais. an androgynous voice rang through Hero's mind.
   “Lucais… that would have been my name, had I not been the Fourth Incarnation- WAIT, how do you know, and who are you,-” Hero began to say, as a figure with red eyes and a white hooded robe approached him. This figure had pit
:iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0
Froggy :3 by MagmaAquariusWolf Froggy :3 :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 1 2
Canines of Horoze Prologue... maybe...
Draekor’s History
    Draekor had been born into the Pack of Ophiuchus, The Thirteenth Pack of the Western Zodiac. He had the typical characteristics of an Ophiuchan Luponian: The long scaly tail, the two-pronged tongue, and the sharpest fangs with the second strongest poison known to Luponians. Of course, this was in his lupine form. Draekor could also change forms from a wolf-like form to a naga, just like the others in his Pack. He discovered at the young age of six, however, that he could walk in the dreams of other Luponians and change the subject of their dreams. Draekor soon found out that he could even change the dreams of the Vulponian merchants that would come travelling throughout the Luponians’ Continent of Luyra (loo-EYE-rah). Sometimes, Draekor would even pull pranks in the dreams of others, when he was close to the end of his childhood. However, he would always come clean at the end of the host’s dream. He never told anyone about h
:iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0
Attempt to draw a dragon by MagmaAquariusWolf Attempt to draw a dragon :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0
The Prophecy of Theseerai: Ch. 11
A week passed, and the seven teenagers were still on the run. Alexis looked at the global map she had stolen from one of the dead Rebel Kestrels, during the rescue mission the week before. She saw that the group was about three miles away from River City, the former capital city of Arkorian. River City had been held by the Rebellion of Atrocities for at least one year. Alexis told the rest of the group to stop for a while.
“Before we keep going, I noticed that we are getting closer to the former capital of the Oligarchy, River City. I know that the city has been in the control of the Rebellion for a long time, and I wouldn't be surprised if River City was still in the hands of the Rebels. We should avoid it if we can.” Alexis said.
Artis spoke up, saying, “I know that we are near an ice plains biome in the Blanchelands. Edan and I know our way around that place. Would it be possible for the two of us to lead the group through this biome?”
“Of course! We ca
:iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0
Senior Art Project part 1 by MagmaAquariusWolf Senior Art Project part 1 :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0 Evil Zombie Pear by MagmaAquariusWolf Evil Zombie Pear :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 2 0 The Spirit of Herobrine by MagmaAquariusWolf The Spirit of Herobrine :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 1 0 Attempted TPoT Ch. 11 W.I.P. by MagmaAquariusWolf Attempted TPoT Ch. 11 W.I.P. :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0 Magma Headshot by MagmaAquariusWolf Magma Headshot :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 2 3
Coming Out Letter to My Friend
Dear Sarah,
I know how you feel about transgender and genderqueer people. I understand that their identities and beliefs go against your beliefs and religion. The reason I am writing this letter is because I want to tell you that I am a demigender girl.
Allow me to explain what this means. It means that I identify as a girl, sometimes, and other times, I identify as neither male nor female. I know that I was meant to be a girl, and I do not want to alter my body to become a boy. But, many times throughout my life, I've felt like I was neither girl nor boy. It is nearly impossible to describe why I've felt this way. When I was in elementary school, I actually said that I felt like I was a boy sometimes. Nowadays, I've realized that I was actually feeling like neither a boy nor a girl. When I recently told my mother how I felt, she told me that she went through a phase like this in college. My feelings might be a phase, or they could continue throughout the rest of my life. Based on the
:iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 0 0
TPoT Short Story: Iraylia's Secret
       “Hey, Iraylia,” Hero said as he came up to her. “What was it you wanted to talk to me about this morning?”
The group of teenagers was preparing to leave the shore of the Darkened Ocean, whose murky, blue-gray waters had changed to a clear, glassy blue. It was afternoon, and the sky held a few white clouds. Iraylia gently set down the medical supply kit she was holding, and turned to Irene.
“Irene, Hero and I want to be left alone for a little while. If you need to talk to either of us, we'll be behind that tree over by the base of the cliff.” Iraylia told her younger sister. Then, she turned to Hero. “Come with me. I want to show you something.”
They walked to the tree. Once they were standing on the other side of the tree, Iraylia spoke in a low voice.
“I know that you do not know why I keep my right eye hidden behind my hair. That is what I wanted to show you.” she said. Iraylia closed her eyes whi
:iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 1 0
Fingerbrine  by MagmaAquariusWolf Fingerbrine :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 1 0 Antigravity by MagmaAquariusWolf Antigravity :iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 1 0
The Prophecy of Theseerai: Ch.10 Part 2
       Steve watched the execution take place right in front of him. *No… this can't be happening!* he thought, a look of horror frozen on his face. Alex remained silent as a glare appeared on her face. Iraylia stabbed the Rebel Soldier she was fighting when she heard Hero's scream. Now, she was looking at his dead body in fear. That fear was for Steve's life. Tears came to Iraylia's eyes. *I've failed. Our mission is a failure!* she thought. Irene turned around as Hero cried out in agony. She watched with an expression of anger and terror as Hero collapsed to the ground. Edan had also seen the entire execution as he knocked Amber's sword to the ground. His emerald eyes seemed to blaze with hatred as he glared at the laughing Executioner.
“You… worthless… malicious… monsters…” Artis said slowly. Every person in the area looked at her. Artis's green eyes were glowing, and the Crest of The Overworld on her upper left arm was g
:iconmagmaaquariuswolf:MagmaAquariusWolf 1 0


Heroquartx (Hero x Quartxio) by MCStevebrine12 Heroquartx (Hero x Quartxio) :iconmcstevebrine12:MCStevebrine12 7 12 Tutorial paws, ears, tail, nose and mouth by FrostyAndra Tutorial paws, ears, tail, nose and mouth :iconfrostyandra:FrostyAndra 34 7
Dedicated to my grandmother, for showing me the stars at 3 in the morning
“Papa! Papa! Come look!” The boy runs out of the house, jumping with energy. He looks to the sky with wonder, trying to count the endless number of starts in the sky. “Papa! Look at that one!” He points to a flickering red light, unaware of what it really was.
The old man laughs. “That’s no star, son. It’s a planet, Mars to be exact. See how it’s larger than most of the others in the sky, it’s also red.” The boy looks over at the old man, adoration in his eyes. “I’ll be right back.” The old man walks back into the house and comes back out with a large, red contraption. He sets it up in front of the boy, positioning it to where you could see the planet. “Come look.”
The boy steps forward and looks through the eyepiece. A large red sphere comes into view, sending a gasp from the
:icongamergal935:GamerGal935 2 2
Sundown Pride! by BaserBeanz Sundown Pride! :iconbaserbeanz:BaserBeanz 72 34
Hello Firebirds!
 I finally announced what my secret project for Viverse is, on Patreon!

My Patrons will be given VIP access as I work on this book. There will be approximately 250-350 species included in the book. Oh yeah. I expect this project to take a LEAST a year. Maybe even 2-3. I will not be releasing any of the Beastiary on DA until it is finished. So if you would like to join the ranks as a Patron and get daily/weekly access as I work on it, I would be overjoyed if you joined our Patreon family! Access to the Beastiary will go out to those who pledge even $1 a month. 
Patreon Mobile Icon (animated) Mobile Icon (animated)  
:iconvivarts:VivArts 10 12
Drawing a 3/4 view head by cottondragon Drawing a 3/4 view head :iconcottondragon:cottondragon 248 5 The Sunlight Festival by SeanCrastien The Sunlight Festival :iconseancrastien:SeanCrastien 3 5 Satellite by Cristigupa Satellite :iconcristigupa:Cristigupa 7 0 Die for you by Cristigupa Die for you :iconcristigupa:Cristigupa 10 0 Proud of Who We Are (Pride Month) by KATEtheDeath1 Proud of Who We Are (Pride Month) :iconkatethedeath1:KATEtheDeath1 124 53 Happy Birthday, Syvion! by Screwed-Conspiracy Happy Birthday, Syvion! :iconscrewed-conspiracy:Screwed-Conspiracy 28 27 Love Is Love Is Love - Pride by Blixemi Love Is Love Is Love - Pride :iconblixemi:Blixemi 253 32 Love by ElianaStarlight Love :iconelianastarlight:ElianaStarlight 13 16 Single bi problems by GoldenBlackHole Single bi problems :icongoldenblackhole:GoldenBlackHole 8 4 The New Hero In This Town by Quartxio The New Hero In This Town :iconquartxio:Quartxio 5 272 [CM] Rougesquirrel by IceriftFyera [CM] Rougesquirrel :iconiceriftfyera:IceriftFyera 83 9




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Yesterday was my last day of school with Senior Breakfast and Diversity Prom, which was for students who identify as LGBTQ. I was at the Prom from 7 pm until 11 pm, and HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!!! :la: I met awesome people, danced with a lot of people, and got a lot of very nice compliments on my dress! One person even said that I looked like a goddess! Blush I did not get to bed until midnight, but it was worth it! I woke up at 9 am, went back to bed at 10, then woke up now at 1 pm, so I was quite tired, lol!

I'll be going to France from July 6th to July 17th for my senior trip. So, I will be on hiatus for that period of time. I'll post some photos here when I get back from the trip.

I'll be graduating on the 23rd of June! :happybounce:

Dat's about it I wanted to talk about!Hi! 
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a weirdo.

I also want to become a fiction/fantasy writer. I love wolves, foxes, cats, and anime. I have a HUGE family, and I am writing a graphic novel. I love video games. However, I don't like horror games/movies. I love drawing, just not mouse-drawing. I do have a drawing tablet, but it is broken at the moment. I have high-functioning autism, BUT I have been on the honor roll at my school (I'LL NEVER TELL WHERE I LIVE!). I am good with drawing and writing.

I know that I am obsessed with fantasy and Minecraft, and I AM GLAD THAT I AM! I am writing a Minecraft fan-fiction, called Legends of the War, at the moment. I have three short stories about LotW, a prologue, and nine chapters of Legends of the War. I have a dark/macabre sense of humor at times, just to warn you.

If it seems like I fill your profile with comments, and it gets annoying, please politely let me know. The same goes for Deviation pages. If you do not like my artwork, then you do not have to look at it. Just do not leave mean comments about it.

Cyberbullying is NOT acceptable on my profile page, deviations, journal page, or anywhere else. If I do see what I think is cyberbullying, I will ask you to stop or get off my profile, or wherever you are that concerns my art. Chain messages are NOT acceptable, either. NO spam, either. (This probably won't work, but whatever!)

Have some stamps that I have in my Favorites...

I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Vaccinations and Autism by garrenn Depression Stamp by sound-ninja-2008 Request: Bigotry makes me break out in sarcasm. by World-Hero21 Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl Autism by Mintaka-TK Female bullies exist by Clelius Starset Stamp by IamHaden Pansexual stamp by pulsebomb Androgynous pride 2 by flying-wolf-32

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